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A Mental Health
Psychotherapy Practice
Dr. Kendra Holzer, PhD, LP

It is with joy that I welcome you! I'm delighted you have arrived here after noticing something in you or your life is asking for your attention and care. I also celebrate your courage to initiate counseling, a process that can strengthen your capacity for acceptance, compassion, wisdom, and gratitude. Whether your decision to reach out is clear or you're following a tug of uncertainty, a willingness to look into your inner self and experience reflects hope in the possibility of transformation. For many, this journey begins with a feeling that something is unbalanced, unresolved, or unreachable. Perhaps you've experienced concern about the state of your emotional and mental well-being for some time and now sense your readiness to open to your suffering as a pathway to healing. Or something unexpected has recently compromised your usual way of coping, and you believe uncovering your resilience would help to move you through the adversity. You may also simply long for greater congruence with your values, deeper meaning and calm, or better overall quality of life. Regardless of what has brought you here, to this moment, I invite you on this path to gently look within and to grow qualities and skills that will serve you through the currents of your life. As life persists in offering waves and storms, therapy can be the catalyst for creating deeper steadiness and attunement to your sacred being, making possible moments of enduring peace. 

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“We have only now, only this single moment opening and unfolding before us,
day and night.”
~Jack Kornfield 


“You are the sky.
Everything else is the weather.”
~Pema Chodron 


My Approach


My approach to therapy is best described as humanistic in its foundation, interwoven with facets of mindfulness philosophy and strategies. My most deeply held belief is that you have the innate capacity to thrive and when you embrace the entirety of yourself with acceptance and love you will flourish in abundant and lasting ways. Your readiness to look inside with honesty is the beginning of change, and this opening amplified by a healthy therapeutic relationship ignites the possibility of movement within your life. During our sessions, I will utilize a holistic lens and mindful presence to echo your strengths, to reflect and hold compassionate space for the breadth of your suffering, and to empower you to uncover your profound potential for joy and calm. Should you be willing, I will incorporate experiential exercises within the process as a way of giving you an opportunity to experience yourself with fresh eyes and awakened energy.  

Through developing an astute awareness of the patterns that govern your experience and practicing healthier ways of relating to the energy of your thoughts and feelings, you will come to know yourself more authentically and develop an increased ability to draw from a place of centered presence when struggling. You will learn to ground yourself in response to the rigors of each day, to access qualities that enhance your well-being, and to actively cultivate and embrace light-filled moments. To the degree that your potential is nourished and your accumulated wisdom is uncovered throughout our process together, your ability to dance along your path with greater clarity and stability will grow and you will come closer to living through the very center of your being.

Contact Me  


Mindful Way is located in downtown La Crosse. I am available to see clients M-F, typically afternoons and some evenings. I offer a brief complimentary phone screening for individuals who are interested in mental health services through my practice, to assess for goodness of fit. Should you decide to establish for therapy, please know I am vaccinated and comfortable with face-to-face sessions. Masks are optional per your level of comfort. I I additionally offer virtual sessions should that feel like a better option.

Please note, I have chosen to establish this practice as private pay only, as I feel this offers freedom to develop a plan of care that is not being restricted by an outside agency that may have a limited understanding of the intricate nature of therapy and your unique needs. Additionally, the upholding of privacy becomes much more possible when this arrangement stays between us. If you are interested, I can create a ‘superbill,’ which would involve you paying out of pocket for my established rate, and then submitting to your insurance company for possible 'out of network' reimbursement. My rates are $175 for the intake session, $150 for an individual therapy session, and $75 for a group therapy session.  

Please leave a message below, and I will be in touch to discuss the possibility of our work together.​

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505 King Street Suite 227 La Crosse WI 54601

Tel: 608-535-9677


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“Enough. These few words are enough. If not these words, this breath. If not this breath, this sitting here. This opening to the life we have refused again and again.

Until now. Until now.”

~David Whyte

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