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Types of Service


Individual Psychotherapy

I work with adults who are experiencing mild to moderate levels of emotional and mental distress. Individuals typically endorse anxiety, depression, adjustment-related symptoms. The initial 90 minute intake session includes an orientation to therapy, as well as beginning to develop trust during a conversation about topics and experiences significant to you. These may include your upbringing and family of origin, social dynamics and support system, school/work experiences, physical health history, substance use background, mental health history, trauma background, and cultural identity. I will also be learning about your coping strategies and resilience, which will provide an invaluable early foundation on which to build. Subsequent counseling sessions, typically lasting 50 minutes, will be a blend of compassionate listening, psychoeducation about facets of mindfulness and other congruent theoretical orientations that promote change, creative activities and practices that promote an understanding and experience of healing, and collaborative development of ideas about how to create a more meaningful and satisfying life. Given that balance is a core foundational principle for generating a healthy life, each session will be a mixture of honoring difficult aspects of life and inner experience, cultivating gratitude for thriving and stable dimensions, and celebrating growth and change. Therapy progress will be evaluated ongoing to ensure your needs are being met as well as to tailor the frequency of sessions and longevity of the therapy relationship

*Of note: I do not offer psychological testing, couples counseling, family counseling, or counseling for children/adolescents.

"The most powerful healing arises from the simple intention to love the life within you, unconditionally, with as much tenderness and presence as possible."

~Tara Brach


“Perhaps the most spiritual thing any of us can do is simply to look through our own eyes, see with eyes of wholeness, and act with integrity and kindness.”
~Jon Kabat-Zin 


Nature of
the Practice


I hold a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology as well as an MS in Counseling from professionally accredited programs including the American Psychological Association. I have been a practicing clinician for over 20 years, working in nonprofit organizations, college counseling centers, county-based social services, community mental health centers, and Veterans Affairs, all of which have included individual and group counseling, outreach, & consultation. I have undertaken extensive training in Mindfulness over the past ten years as an Evidence-Based Practice including completion of a comprehensive certification training program, as well as postdoctoral continuing education in Energy Psychology and Whole Health. 

I have created Mindful Way to make a healing center available in our community for individuals who are interested in cultivating deeper self-awareness, discovering and attuning to their strength-based qualities, and growing their capacity to know the breadth of their inner steadiness. This practice holds as its central tenant the value of developing a  practice of being present. Powerful catalysts for these experiences may include attention to the breath, opening to creative energy, and reaching into sensory aspects of nature as the means for generating compassion and wisdom. The great spiritual theologian Joseph Campbell memorably said that people are not really looking for the meaning of life; they are looking for the experience of being alive. The primary practice of this mindfulness center is to facilitate actual experiences of alert consciousness in session that remind you and prepare you to access the infinite healing capacity of your being in your daily life. Initial uses of this heightened presence are used to manage distressing systems and then, and as these soften, the focus often moves towards identifying, understanding, and ultimately shifting the enduring unhelpful patterns and dynamics of your life.  

Nature of the Practice
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